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Shutters with Louvers For Full Control

The look of plantation shutters with slats is the most common seen. This is due to their flexibility in allowing varying levels of light into your room. Whether you call them slats, blades or louvers – they look fantastic in any room.

A great feature is having a midrail on your shutters, this allows you to have two ‘groups’ of slats. One group can be set closed while the other group is open, allowing you to create an almost café style look with normal full height shutters. This is commonly found in bedrooms and apartments where privacy is key, but light is required.

What Louvered Shutters Are Correct For My Window?

What size should I use?

We offer many variations of louvers. The first thing you must think about is the size you require.

1 1/2” Slats – best for small windows or designs you want to make look particularly ‘busy’

2 1/2”Slats – A great all rounder, good for medium sized windows.

3 1/2” Slats – Great for medium to larger windows. Look fabulous in the designer flat profile range.

4 1/2” Slats – Suited to large doors or rooms you really want to make a striking appearance.