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Cheap MDF Shutters

Should I Use MDF In My House?

While the popularity of shutters is ever increasing, the accessibility is also. There are so many different kinds of material to construct shutters out of to create cheaper shutters for the consumer. However MDF is not a material we would advise using.

MDF tends to not stand against the test of time are are too heavy at your windows and have the tendency to drop, leading to warped poor quality shutters. We use a hardwood available at the same cost to you, Basswood. This allows us to stay strong with the promise that our shutters are the best quality available.

Budget Shutters, Top Quality

Ensuring Your Shutters Stand The Test of Time

Basswood shutters give you an affordable entry level material for your home. Unlike MDF, they will last the same as a hardwood and will not warp under pressure. We strongly believe that good value, doesn’t have to mean a ‘cheap product’.

How could we call ourselves the shutter experts if we offered you anything less than top quality!