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Track Design Options

Bypass or Bifold – Simple Shutter Solutions

We will go over every order placed with a fine toothcomb to ensure your shutters are not only an attractive design, but also will work in your windows. This is one of the reasons we are one of the leading shutter companies in the United States – our previous customers will back us up on that!

Tracked shutters allow for windows that we would normally have to turn away for being too wide. They stop any dipping in the centre that may be caused by pressure building on the hinges.

Take Up Less Room with Shutters on a Track

A Simple Solution For Wide Windows

Tracked shutters come in two forms, bifold or bypass:

Bypass shutters work by not hinging the panels. They are suspended on separate tracks allowing you to slide panels past each other, or bypass each other.
This is exceptionally useful for areas in which you wish to save space. By not folding you do not need to concertina the panels into the room.

Bifold tracked shutters work the same way as the regular style. They concertina, however have a track system to hold them in place. It is convenient for large windows to stop the ‘sag’ in the centre that might otherwise arise because of the size of the window.