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Solid Build Classic Shutters

Give Your Home An Elegant Feel

Solid wood shutters are interior shutters with a solid centre – no slats involved. This look is preferred by those wanting less light coverage or a more traditional look. Where louvered shutters let in light between the slats, even when closed – solid shutters will give you far better blockage with near on black out. This is favoured in young children’s rooms.

Solid Design For Your Room

Custom Made, to Suit Your Style

There are several option of solid shutters.

The raised design sees the middle section being more decorative with a raised, molded section. This was often installed in fancier homes - it was more expensive to create and therefore was seen as a sign of wealth. Traditionally, having the panels with the raised design (where the rear of the panels also featured the raised section) was seen as a way of showing your neighbours that you were doing well!

The alternative is the simpler shaker design. This has the middle section being a flat, solid section. It is stylish and well suited to more contemporary homes and looks great in a cool off white paint.