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Shutters have become a mainstay of American homes and Alabama customers have very much followed that trend. We service customers throughout the US as we sell our plantation shutters designed exclusively for DIY self installation. Big Box retailers in Alabama also sell shutters aimed at this same market but our prices are without fail more competitive and our product specifically designed to make installing yourself extremely easy. Find out just how cost effectively you can improve your home by contacting us for a quotation.


The southern states have long been associated with plantation shutters – Arizona being no exception. As folks from Arizona know well, the hot summer sun can be great to enjoy outdoors but it’s a must to retreat into your home and enjoy the shade. That’s why plantation shutters are the ideal solution  - pull back the shutter panels when you want maximum light or leave the panels closed and tilt the slats to deflect the hard rays of the sun. We specialize in offering shutters for self installation at prices that cannot be beaten. Discover just how much you can save buying from us by getting a no obligation quotation today.


Arkansas has become an important state for us with many customers buying our shutters and spreading the word telling all their friends and family. As such, we ship a high proportion of our shutters directly to customers in Arkansas who are looking for a premium quality window covering at exceptional prices. Our product is unique in the US and not available from other companies. As we manufacture directly, you save on the prices other companies charge in Arkansas for a full measure and installed plantation shutter. Just fill in the form and find out how cheaply you can shutter your home!


Whatever your design style and whatever your home is like, we can manufacture plantation shutters that are guaranteed to ensure you home looks fantastic. Colorado has grown to become a significant state for our business with lots of customers buying shutters to self install in their home. While you may think that taking the DIY route to install shutters is complicated, rest assured thousands of people buy from us every year and enjoy the benefits of a fantastic quality product at rock bottom prices. Wherever you are in Colorado, we can supply shutters to you. Call us or complete our price quote form to discover how you can shutter your home for less.


Beautiful homes in Connecticut lend themselves to the look of plantation shutters. The trend has historically been for homes in this part of America to buy shutters with smaller louvers and smaller panels. Part of this trend has been the preference to open back the panels rather than simply tilt the louvers. When the panels are narrower, it makes it easier to fold the panels back from the window and less obtrusive in the room. We ship interior shutters directly to your Connecticut home for easy self installation. Designed specifically for simple self installation, the job couldn’t be easier and they could not be cheaper. Get a shutter quotation today and change the look of your home with custom made plantation shutters.


Delaware has many companies selling plantation shutters but few that can beat the value we offer. We are dedicated to supplying plantation shutters for easy self installation. Our shutters are exceptional in terms of quality and no compromises made. We have sold hundreds of shutters to customers in Delaware who want a premium quality product but are not happy about paying a premium price. Thanks to our uniquely designed simply system, your shutters arrive pre assembled and ready to install. Even a DIY novice can handle the install which is why more and more people throughout the US choose to work with us. See how cost effectively you can shutter your home by completing the free shutter quote form and we’ll be in touch soon.

District of Columbia

Home of our nations capital, DC has lots of homes which benefit from the aesthetic appeal and practical benefits afforded by plantation shutters. Be it windows in a compact apartment or a doorway in a large DC home, we design and manufacture plantation shutter to suit your style and taste. Just call or contact us for a free price quote and transform your home for a lot less than you may think. 


What’s not to like about interior shutters? Idaho customers certainly like our unique shutters as sales continue to grow in this part of the USA for our company. We are different from other shutters companies in that we handle all required from A-Z. We help you design shutters wherever you may be in Idaho. There’s no restriction in where we supply to, as our shutter system is designed for easy DIY self installation.  Our prices are hard to beat and we offer a price guarantee if you can find a comparable quality product at a cheaper price. We all like to look  good but we all like to save money too. Discover just how cost effectively you can shutter your windows in Idaho by contacting us today.


What’s your Indiana home like? A city apartment with small windows? A farmhouse with large doors onto a deck? Whatever your style, we can design and supply plantation shutters for any home in Indiana at a price we know you will find hard to beat. Whether you desire real wood shutters or a fauxwood vinyl plantation shutter, we manufacture and supply shutters throughout the state at prices that you will find nearly impossible to find from other full measure and install companies in Indiana. It’s quick and easy to get a quote so contact us today and you’ll discover shutters can be premium quality without the premium price tag.


Why do so many of our customers in Iowa love our shutters? Is it the super low price? Is it that they are premium quality? Is it that they are manufactured specifically for their homes from scratch? We get feedback all the time from customers throughout Iowa that it’s a combination of all of these reasons! We are one of the leading companies who manufacture and sell directly to our customers. That means we cut out the middle man and you save money. From white waterproof polyvinyl shutters to robust premium hardwood shutters we design and manufacture specifically for each and every customer and window in their home. All for a price a lot more affordable than you may think. Find out just what good value our shutters are by getting a no obligation quote today.


When you buy interior shutters from us, there are no restrictions on where we supply. That’s why Kansas shutter shoppers have discovered a new way to work – buying shutters directly from us to self install in their homes. Be it top quality hardwood shutters or waterproof poly shutters, we deliver directly to your door for easy, quick self installation. Don’t be daunted by the DIY route – we are here to help you every step of the way, helping you with free design and measure advice. Just fill in the form or give us a call and we’d be happy to give you a free quote or offer any help you may need.


Kentucky homes lend themselves to the look, feel and practicality of plantation shutters. We give free design advice for all our customers and encourage you to email us photos of your windows of your Kentucky home and we can suggest the optimum design of shutters for your window. We have a wide range of different colors, styles and slat sizes so whatever configuration and design of shutters you are inspired by, we can manufacture to suit your needs. It’s simple to find our what good value our shutters are. Just call us or complete our quote form and we’ll show you just how cost effectively you can shutter your windows.


The southern states have long favored plantation shutters as the window covering of choice. Want warm and cosy on a stormy night? Close you shutter panels and shut the slats and the wilds of outside are kept at bay. Alternatively, swing back the panels to let the light flood in on a beautiful summers days. What makes us different from other shutter companies in Louisiana is that we specialize in offering customers high quality custom made shutters at a fraction of the price you normally find from ‘full measure and install’ companies. Give us a call or submit our quote form to take the first step.


With prices of interior shutters on the East Coast more expensive than other parts of the USA, it’s no wonder that more and more savvy shutter shoppers in Maine are finding our prices irresistible. We specialize in supplying shutters designed for simple DIY self installation. Yes, we did say simple and that’s not just a sales pitch. Our product can be delivered to your home for you to install at around half the price other companies charge to provide shutters of the same quality. Don’t believe us? Put us to the test. Wherever in Maine your home is located, we can help. Call us today or get a price quote online and you’ll see for yourself that our prices are hard to beat.


Being a large state with a relatively low population, there’s not too many shutter companies that can come and measure and install shutters in your home. If you are in Montana and you’ve been looking for shutter companies to visit, you’ll know there’s not a huge array to choose from. That’s where we differ from other folks. Our range of shutters – be they wood or polyvinyl are designed specifically for simple easy self installation. Pre hinged, pre drilled and simple to install, we have done all of the hard work for you. Contact us to get a quote for us to deliver beautiful custom made plantation shutters directly to your Montana home.


Nebraska, home of the Huskers and home of great value plantation shutters! No longer do Nebraskans need to pay a super high price to have stunning custom made plantation shutters installed in their home. Wherever you are in the State, we custom design and manufacture all orders specifically for your windows. No cut downs, no compromises. With a wealth of lovely paint and stain colors to chose from we can help you ensure that your home is the best dressed on the block. Give us a call or contact us for no obligation quotation.


With Nevada’s large size, it can be difficult finding a good company on your doorstep. Shutter companies in Nevada are no exception as they are concentrated generally around the large urban centers and don’t visit customers in more remote parts of the state, to sell plantation shutters. We offer a different service from others as we have a specially designed unique shutter system that makes self installation (or Do It Yourself) an exceptionally easy alternative. And, the best part, is that you save yourself $$$ by getting out your screwdriver to fit the shutters. It’s simple – as thousands of happy shutter customers will vouch for. Get a quote today and you’ll soon see that custom made plantation shutters needn’t cost as much as you think!

New Hampshire

Real estate can be expensive on the East Coast and homes in New Hampshire are no exception. That’s why, when it comes to decorating your home, stretching your budget by finding cost effective ways to furnish and dress your home makes sense. In New Hampshire, we’ve sold our top quality window shutters at prices that are unheard of from local shutter companies. How can we do this? Well, we handle everything from beginning to end. We manufacture and we deliver. The best bit? You install. This saves you a huge amount with our wood and vinyl shutters around 50% less than the price you pay for a company to install for you. Don’t fret – the process is simple an in return you get shutters that would normally cost you twice as much! Get a shutter quote today and we’ll delivery stunning custom made shutters in around 6 weeks to you home.

New Jersey

When you think of shutters, what do you envisage? A shutter company coming round to your New Jersey home and giving you the hard sell? Hours spent listening to a sales person go on and on and you paying for the privilege? Not any more. We differ from other shutter companies in New Jersey as we don’t visit you at all! We are a DIY shutter company with a unique shutter product that is designed specifically for self installation.  Magnets and hinges are pre installed. Frames pre mitred and fixed with just a few simple screws. The best bit is you save around 50% of the price other shutters companies in NJ charge for shutters. Complete our shutter quote form and we’ll show you just how cost effectively you can shutter your home!

New Mexico

New Mexico homes love shutters. With blistering summer temperatures, it’s not hard to see why. Interior plantation shutters give fabulous flexibility. Close the panels and slats when you want privacy or want to block out the sun’s harsh rays (as New Mexicans’ will testify!) Or, angle the louvers to allow light into the room but deflected away from discoloring furniture in the home. While shutter can cost over $50 per square foot, we are a DIY specialist shutter company who sells shutters from $20 per square foot. This means that wherever you are in NM, you can enjoy stunning made to measure wood and faux shutters at a fraction of the price other companies charge. Call us or complete our quote form to find out just how competitive our prices are and importantly how easy it is to measure and design our product.

North Dakota

With a population of less than 700,000, but a large landmass, North Dakota can be a hard part of the USA to find good companies offering a good product at good prices. When it comes to buying planation shutters, things are no different. We however, offer a genuinely different alternative to other window shutter companies in North Dakota. The reason we differ is that we manufacture and supply our own specially designed shutters that are made specifically for easy self installation. We offer guidance help and support every step of the way. Wherever in ND you need shutters, we can help. Email us a photo of your window and we’ll reply, marking up your photo to show exactly where to measure and suggest the best design of shutters for your windows. Then, sit back, relax and we’ll deliver your shutters to your door. Get a quote or contact us to discuss your specific requirements. 


We all like to save money and that’s where we can help. Serving Oklahoma for a number of years, our plantation shutter company is staffed by true shutter experts who can help you design and measure the perfect set of shutters for your home. That’s’ where we set ourselves apart from the competition. Selling throughout Oklahoma, we offer wood and poly shutters at around half the price other shutter companies quote to measure and install for your shutters . Measuring for your shutters is extremely easy and we are available to help at the end of the phone or email. We specially designed our unique shutter system to make sure that installing is simple. Pre drilled, pre hinged shutter panels that arrive completely ready to install. Buying interior shutters for your Oklahoma home does not now need to be a taxing  or expensive business.


Oregon homes have long favored the clean lines of wood shutters and that’s why we sell to numerous Oregon shutter customers every year. Where we stand out from the crowd is that our shutters are completely custom made and delivered directly to your home for easy DIY self installation. Don’t be daunted by the prospect of measuring and installing shutters yourself. It really is a simple process and our customers testify regularly that they are amazed how simple it is to install. That’s in large part to the help and support we offer free of charge. Free shutter design advice. Free shutter measuring help. We ensure that taking the DIY route to install window shutters in your Oregon home is painless and cost effective. Get a free quote by calling us today.


Not all States were created the same. That’s why Maryland is typical of many States on the Eastern Seaboard and can be expensive for real estate and buying shutters. Local companies in MD have high costs and this is passed on to you when you come to buy shutters. What makes us different is that we deliver our shutters directly to your Maryland home and provide simple self installation  instructions that are easy to understand in order to fit your shutters. We have also cut out the middleman as you undertake the shutter installation directly, you can save the cost of having someone else do it for you. Get a no obligation shutter quote today.


Buying shutters to self install as a DIY project can seem scary. However, for hundreds of our customers in Massachusetts ,that fear proved completely unfounded as they discovered our shutters could not be easier to fit. We have a specially designed shutter product that makes it simple to install quality plantation shutters yourself. Thanks to the fact that our shutters are 100% custom made, specifically to fit your window, it is easy to have great looking shutters at a fraction of the cost that most companies in MA would charge. Hinged, painted and ready to install, it couldn’t be easier. Get a shutter quotation from us today and we’d be delighted to show you how cost effectively you can shutter your home.


Wood or Polyvinyl? What shutters are you thinking of to decorate your Minnesota home. We manufacture and supply both premium grade wooden shutters and also durable polyvinyl shutters and deliver throughout the state. We handle your entire order from A to Z with a level of service that few others can match. Certainly our prices are among the most competitive in the USA as our unique plantation shutters are designed to be measured and installed directly by you. You measure, we manufacture and you install – ensuring you save money compared to other companies who add extra costs to measure and fit. Order free shutter samples to chose the perfect design and get our free shutter measuring advice. We ship throughout Minnesota and our shutter service is very hard to beat.


When looking for shutters for your home, what do you consider first? The reputation of shutter companies around the Mississippi area? The price companies charge to measure and fit? The quality of product that these shutter companies offer? With us you can enjoy fantastic value for money without compromising the quality of the shutters you’re buying for your home. We ship our shutters directly to your home, wherever you are in Mississippi. We help you measure successfully to create the perfect set of shutters for your window and we can assure you that installation could not be easier. Get a free quote or call us to discuss your shutter needs.


We ship our shutters direct to all over the USA – Missouri being no exception. Whatever style your home, be it in a modern contemporary or classic style, we can help you design the perfect set of plantation shutters for your windows. We have a wide variety of colors both painted and stained to chose from and slat sizes from traditional smaller louvers to more ‘in vogue’ large 4 1/2” blades. We help you design and then manufacture from scratch your order. We don’t simply cut down or sell stock sizes as some big box retailers in Missouri may offer. And – the best bit? Our prices are typically 50% below those offered by other MO shutter companies, ensuring your shutters not only look great but bring a smile to your face given the fabulously low price.

Rhode Island

While RI may be small in size it sits up there as one of the most popular USA states for plantation shutter sales. One reason why our custom made shutters have proven so popular in Rhode Island is that our prices are around 50% less than other shutter RI companies. Why such a saving? Well, we handle all aspects of your shutters, from A to Z. Thanks to our own manufacturing facility we can deliver your custom made shutters directly to your door for simple self installation. Cutting out a salesman and installer means you save a huge amount of money. Fear not, it’s not a difficult at all! We help every step of the way. Our prices include delivery to your home in Rhode Island, wherever you are so contact us today to get a quote and see what great value our plantation shutters are.

South Carolina

We know it’s not easy deciding which plantation shutter company to trust when it comes to buying shutters in South Carolina. How do you know who to trust with your hard earned cash? We like to think of our company as something unique in the world of shutters. We custom made each and every order directly ourselves. So, the design of your shutters is entirely bespoke to suit your design preferences and style. Wood, poly, painted, stained ….. the list of options and possible configurations for your interior shutters is almost endless. A no obligation quote awaits, so please call or message us and we can take the first step to transforming your home.

South Dakota

It never ceases to amaze us how customers from all over the USA contact us wanting to buy plantation shutters for DIY self installation. South Dakota is one state where word of mouth has spread like wildfire for our service and we see a higher than average order value coming from our great customers in SD. What makes us special is that our shutters are all bespoke, made to order. We don’t do cut downs and stock sizes. What that means is that your shutters are always a perfect fit for your windows and are designed exactly as you desire them. However, what our South Dakota customers really enjoy are the fantastic prices we can offer as we manufacture directly ourselves. See how cost effectively you can dress your home with shutters by calling us or mailing us for a free quote.


What makes you chose a company to work with in Tennessee? The price? The service? The product? We like to think that most of our Tennessee based customers who’ve ordered from us over the years would say all three! Our prices are substantially below the charges other shutter companies quote as we don’t charge for measure and installation as you undertake that part of the service. Trust us! With thousands of customers every year installing plantation shutters in all sorts of shapes and sizes, taking the DIY route to shutter installation is a lot easier than you’d think! Get a quote today and we’ll show you that for a little bit of effort from your side, you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars that you can use towards a well earned vacation instead!


Did you know that installing shutters is actually very easy? Have you been shopping around for shutter quotes and been shocked at some of the prices shutter companies in Utah are charging? Well, why not contact us and discover that measuring your shutters is simple and installing is even easier. The best bit? By doing the measure and installation yourself you will save around 50% versus the costs other Utah based plantation shutter companies may be quoting. That’s even the same for the big box retailers in the state! Delivered complete and ready to install – custom made, painted or stained with all hardware. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get great looking shutters and save a fortune!


Be it a large picture window or a small porthole, plantation shutters look great in almost any setting. We get calls and inquiries from all over the USA and Vermont is one of our key sales area. Why do we sell a lot of plantation shutters in Vermont? Because we sell shutters for a price around 50% less than other companies in the area. We have our own facility where we manufacture which presents a large cost saving in itself. However, our unique shutter product has been designed specifically for shutters to be self measured and installed – you read our measure guide, you measure, we manufacture and you install. We deliver directly to your home in Vermont and you install beautiful custom made shutters at a fraction of the price other companies would charge you. Find out how cost effective our shutters are by contacting us for a quote.


We manufacture custom made Poly and wood shutters and sell all over the US but for our customers in Virginia, wood shutters represent the most popular choice. All customers who order with us get plantation shutters made to their exact design requirements and dimensions. We don’t offer cut downs or stock sizes. What this means is that when you come to install our shutters in your home, they will be the perfect fit and designed and painted or stained to match the décor choice you desire. We have a wide range of louver size and design details – all for around 50% less than other shutter companies in Virginia will charge. Contact us for a quote and to discuss your shutter requirements. You’ll be amazed how cost effectively you can buy our custom made plantation shutters.


What do consider when you come to buy plantation shutters? The service the company offers? The reputation or word of mouth conveyed by friends? The price? Well, we believe the reason why so many of our customer orders are from Washington is a combination of all of the above! We pride ourselves that we treat each and every order as something special. We are, after all, creating a unique set of shutters every time, custom made to your design specification and sizes. Best of all, we deliver your shutters directly to your home in Washington to self install which ensures you save around 50% on the typical full measure and install shutter price. We’d love to show you how cost effectively you can shutter you home so complete our quote form or call us today.

West Virginia

The most regularly heard feedback our customer service team receive when talking to customers in West Virginia is how can we sell our shutters so cheap? That’s because they’ve received shutter quotes from other companies in WV and are surprised to hear how expensive they are quoting to measure and install plantation shutters. Well, the reason we can sell for around a half of the price that other companies quote for custom shutters is that we cut out the costs of measuring and installing. You measure, you install, you save. Fear not, it’s not a hard job to do. We offer you support every step of the way and deliver shutters to your West Virginia home for simple self installation. Get a quote or call to discuss your shutter needs and together we’ll take the first step to transforming your home.


Do you find yourself looking at your neighbors home in Wisconsin with their fabulous looking shutters and think you’d like them too? Do you think you’ll never be able to afford to buy proper high quality custom made plantation shutters as they are outside your price range. Think again. With the large number of customers we have in Wisconsin, there’s a very good chance that your neighbor has also saved money buying their shutters from us for easy DIY self installation. Delivered to your home in WI, all ready to install. No painting, no staining, no hinging. It’s all done for you at our factory. We are on hand every step of the way to make sure that your shutters are simple to install but save you around 50% of the price that other measure and install companies offer. Get a quote online or call us to talk over your shutter needs today and discover that custom shutters can certainly be within your budget.


Do you think of custom shutters for your Wyoming home as being outside your budget? Do you realize that actually installing shutters is very simple and something you can do with basic DIY skills? Lots of our customers in Wyoming have got shutter quotes from other local companies to find that the price was just too high for them. Finding our company online they realized that actually, measuring and installing is very easy and as such they can save a considerable amount of money by doing the installation themselves. With a wide range of color and design options our shutters are made specifically for simple DIY installs and we are here to offer advice and support at every turn. Call us to talk over your shutter requirements and get a free, no obligation quote.


Residents of Alaska know that there is often a surcharge for goods and services versus the contiguous US states. Therefore, finding a company in Alaska who sells plantation shutters at a cost competitive price can be tough. We sell shutters designed for DIY self installation making our prices extremely competitive. To get a shutter quote today and discuss your Alaska shutter shipping specifics, give us a call and we would be happy to help.


We ship shutters to Hawaii on a regular basis as so many of our Hawaii based customers find the prices quoted locally on the islands for shutters are extremely expensive. Our shutters are made directly by us, exactly to the specification for windows and design preferences. We ensure our shipping costs are as competitive as possible and will ship our shutters to you for simple self installation. Get in touch today and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and ensure a perfect set of shutters are delivered to your home in Hawaii.