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Complete Coverage from your Window Shutters

Covering the whole window with full height shutters

When planning your shutter installation and designing your specifications, you must decide which style of shutter you wish to go with. Full Height shutters are typically the most common, as they are the style people think of first and foremost.

Full height shutters suit windows in rooms that will only have shutters covering them and need full light blockage i.e. bedrooms and family rooms. There are certain limitations to height and this must be thought of – however in a regular home you will most likely be fine (and we will always double check this on your order anyway!)

Full Height Functionality

Is Full Height Right for Me?

If you’re ‘shopping around’ online looking for more information, one of the strongest pieces of advice we can offer is a simple question…

“How often will you actually open your panels?”

Often people will spend a very long time working out what kind of shutters they want, then when they contact us and we talk it over – they realize they don’t require half of the features they wanted.

Overcomplicating your window coverage can lead to a design that might frustrate you in practise. A simple full height design can be easily folded back in one movement to get an unrestricted view out. However we have found that most customers will not open their actual panels and simply tilt their louvers to let light in.

Generally full height is a good option, with minimal ‘fixed wood’ sections you gain a functional, simplistic cover for your windows.