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Stylish Half Shutters For Your Home

A Window Covering With Privacy As Focus

Half height or cafe style wooden shutters

Half shutters, or Café style shutters, are suited for windows where light prevention is not the focus required. They are great for allowing light into the room while stopping prying eyes from peering through.

This is far more beneficial than similar concepts, such as net curtains, as it allows unrestricted light to shine in on the top section.

Modern Styling For Your Home

Café Style, a Perfect Design Choice

  • Half shutters cover the lower section of the window only
  • Designed in mind to keep the panels closed the majority of the time
  • Tilt the shutter blades at a 45 degree angle
  • Passers-by can’t see though the blades and your room is private
  • This works perfectly for first floor rooms

Of course some people keep up their curtains with this design and this can look highly effective. Of all the shutter designs this looks the best for windows with curtains.