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Seperately Hinged Shutters

Open Half For Light, Yet Keeping Your Privacy

split tier on tier interior wooden shutters

Split shutters are a design incorporating two ‘levels’ of hinged panels, a top and a bottom set. These can be folded back independently of each other, more commonly used to fold the top back and leave the bottom closed.

This is similar to the design of the half shutters, but means when closed you have a fully covered window.

This split does not have to be at exactly half way, often people put the split about two thirds of the way up to allow some unrestricted light – yet keeping nearly all their privacy. This is great for first floor windows or apartments.

Tier on Tier Wooden Shutters

A Luxury Window Treatment For Large Windows

A drawback to split shutters, or ‘double-hung’ shutters is that you have more ‘fixed wood’ in your window. This makes it a better option for larger windows where the percentage of blockage on your window will not be so significant.

We will often persuade people from wanting split shutters on their relatively small windows as we are aware from previous customers – it can sometimes not be the best idea.

Feel free to contact us with a picture or dimensions and we can assist you on picking the best style coverage for your window.