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Our Shutter Colors and Styles

Hopefully you have read over the 3 main functional designs of plantation shutters, if not take a look at that section of the site here. Now you have a basic knowledge of shutters there are many other factors that are helpful for you to understand to design and plan your perfect window design.

Briefly, discussing color – ensure your shutter color is complimentary to your room. Our experts often suggest neutral colors as this gives you the option to redecorate your room in the future and have your shutters keep matching up.

The further details of shutters define how the mechanisms work and how they are constructed. Knowing this information in key to designing a set to do exactly what you require. There are choices between having solid wooden panels, or having slats to easily view outside.

On wider windows you may require a track to ensure the shutters don’t dip, this is a slightly more complex option – however can look incredibly effective on wide kitchen or dining room windows.

Take a read through the following pages and build up an idea of what you require. Please contact us at any time to clarify anything you may not understand, or even if you would just like to chat over some ideas with an expert!